Access to library for public CI


We would like to use the Travis Continuous Integration service to automate builds of our open source project. This implies that the Travis server has to be able to download the FMOD Ex Linux package from a public server with every build. With your webserver restricting access to the files to logged in users, we would need to host the files ourself, but as the server must be publicly accessible, this would constitute redistribution, which is restricted in your license.

We don’t need to execute the binary, so creating a dummy library containing all symbols would be ok for us, but at minimum we would like to use the correct C header files.
What do you recommend in this case?


Exactly the same question for me!!!


We don’t want bots and programs sucking down our bandwidth sometimes nefariously so if you want to redistribute fmod on your own host you’ll need a registration license as listed in the EULA
It doesn’t cost anything but you do need prominent notifications to your end users that they’re downloading something that is of commercial nature and make them aware of our licensing model.