Android sometimes throw UnsatisfiedLinkError dlopen failed: empty/missing DT_HASH in ""


dlopen failed: empty/missing DT_HASH in “” (built with --hash-style=gnu?)

My so file is under armeabi folder. This crash is only appear at some devices, not all devices.
Such as this two device would crash like above:
OPPO 3007 Android 4.4.4,level 19 Oppo/COLOROS armeabi-v7a

VIVO Y51 Android 5.1.1,level 22 vivo/FUNTOUCH armeabi-v7a

I found some infomation at stackoverflow,


The --hash-style flag is a build option for the Linux libs and not the Android ones.
We have been using sysv for a number of years.

Are you able to get any more logging or information about the error?