Build ATRAC9 banks using command line tool

(Anton) #1


I cannot build my .fsb files in atrac9 format via fmod_designercl.exe. Docs and command line help say I should use -at9, or -c at9 options, but they both don’t work.

-at9 - ignored, all is compressed in PCM
-c at9 - says unknown format is specified

What do I do wrong way?


(Mathew Block) #2

Can you confirm you have the at9 encoder DLL in the same directory as Designer?

(Anton) #3

Yes, I have it. It is loaded as a process module (I checked it using Visual Studio attach to process).

(Mathew Block) #4

The command line for newer versions of Designer is -c “ps4 at9”, can you try this?

(Anton) #5

It works, thanks a lot for the help.

(Mathew Block) #6

Newer versions of Designer use the following command line:

-c "ps4 at9"