Can I use a specific version of FMOD Studio to work with fsb files or do I need FMOD Designer?

(Dario) #1


Recently I’m working in a racing game in Vector Unit,
and I have the .fspro (Fmod project) of the game.
We have all the licences and permits, but I’m new in FMOD.
My idea is working in the same project replacing audios and leaving the parameters of the old game (for saving time and cause they work).
But I download one of the latest version of FMOD Studio (1.10.00) and seems to be significant changes in that aspect.

Example: I replaced an audio file from one event and the game crashed after I built the version.

Can I work with Fmod Studio using a particular older version?
Do I obligatory need Fmod Designer to move forward?

And, as an extra question: Do anyone know where can I find vital info about acceleration parameters and 3D panning? and Music transformation too (like slowing down, pitch swifting, etc)

Very Greatful,

(Joseph Harvey) #2

What do you mean by “acceleration parameters?”

(Joseph Harvey) #3

“Music transformation” is an incredibly broad topic, as the number of ways in which music may be transformed is virtually infinite. Could you be more specific as to what you want to achieve?

(Joseph Harvey) #4

You need to use the same version of FMOD Studio (or FMOD Designer) to build the banks as was used in the game’s code, or the built banks will not be compatible.