Cannot determine buffer usage, aborting mix.

(Philip Jones) #1

I’m using Fmod4.44 with Nuclear Basic.

Sounds play fine under W8.1, however they glitch or stop playing altogether on my less powerful W7 box (which has less ram as well).

Turning logging on, I see the following error popping up multiple times during the glitching;

FMOD: OutputWASAPI::feederUpdate     : Cannot determine buffer usage, aborting mix.

Fmod then tries to re-init the sound system.

Can someone give me an indication of what this error means and possible causes?

(Philip Jones) #2

Further to this.

Looks like compiled programs from Nuclear Basic are set to realtime priority and are conflicting with calls to the Fmod dll, causing sound to glitch and stop without error.

However, upgrading to the latest version of Fmod helps somewhat in that FMod still glitches but generally recovers.

Also setting Vsync on within the NB programme and setting it to a lower priority seems to greatly improve stability.

Will need to do some more testing.

(Brett Paterson) #3

can you determine if this happens with FMOD Studio low level API? Are you using the low level programmer API in fmod 4.44 or relying on FMOD Designer? The Studio low level is essentially the same as 4.44 with a few minor differences.

(Philip Jones) #4

Low level programmer API. Essentially my program calls the dll every cycle.

(Brett Paterson) #5

(xposting from reddit)

An error caused by that function, is usually handled in FMOD studio by doing a reset of the audio device as the game runs, but in FMOD 4, it errors out instead.
This is the most likely reason for your issue
Many of the methods in WASAPI return error code AUDCLNT_E_DEVICE_INVALIDATED if the audio endpoint device that the client application is using becomes invalid. This error code indicates that the endpoint device has been unplugged, or that the audio hardware or associated hardware resources have been reconfigured, disabled, removed, or otherwise made unavailable for use. Frequently, the application can recover from this error.
I think it might be something flakey with your soundcard, does the device happen to be a USB device.

(Philip Jones) #6

Not a USB device - onboard sound.

Have updated to the latest version of Fmod programmer API. Still getting the cutouts.

Is there anyway of checking within Fmod if WASAPI has errored out?

(Brett Paterson) #7

when you said latest version, did you mean FMOD Ex? I would be interested to know if you had any issues with FMOD Studio, as the API is virtually the same as what you’re using now.