Can't load FMOD dll's on Windows 10 phone

(Derkach Andrew) #1

I want to add supporting of Win10 UAP platform to my project which uses FMOD. I didn’t find dll’s for Win10, so I downloaded dll’s for WinPhone 8.1.
I built my project for ARM architecture and tried to run it on Nokia Lumia with Win10 via Visual Studio 2015. App start was failed because some dll not found. But I know that fmod dll’s located in app package (appx). Ok, I turned fmod_eventWSA81Larm.dll and fmodexWSA81Larm.dll to delayed load in linker options and tried again. App started but failed in EventSystem_Create function with message “0x00000505: An attempt to delay-load a .dll or get a function address in a delay-loaded .dll failed”.
What I do wrong?

P.S. The app started successfully on x86, but fails supported API test in Windows Application Certification Kit. WACK said that all API of fmod is unsupported.

(Nicholas Wilcox) #2

We have a pre-release DLL’s for FMOD Studio available for UAP x86 only. Please send an email to with your project details.

At this stage we are not sure if we will support FMOD EX on UAP.