Distance scale


Hi everyone,

in the game I’m currently working on we have the necessity, with certain kind of cameras, to scale all the distances of 3D sounds. For example, when we use a certain camera we would like all the distances from the events to the listener to be multiplied by 0.5 so that all events sound nearer.

The necessity is purely gameplay-driven, for reasons that I’m not writing here. We want all sounds sound louder, but not louder than normal when they’re near (i.e. we want to keep all volumes the same, and have distance attenuation work the same, although with the volume decay just slower).

We’re using FMOD Studio with the Studio API, and I’ve found nothing useful so far.



I would check the low level system object, and use
FMOD_RESULT F_API System::set3DSettings (float dopplerscale, float distancefactor, float rolloffscale);


Of course I already have. distancefactor only affects doppler, and rolloffscale doesn’t seem to affect the events created with FMOD Studio.


ok thanks for the info, you’re right the 3dsettings is hooked up for the low level 3d api but studio uses the 3d panner which isnt hooked up. You’d probably have to use custom volume curves and a distance parameter automation per event (bulk edit would help here) to control the scale yourself , but we’ll look at hooking up the set3DSettings to the 3d panner in studio.