DSP effects question

(Vojta Nedved) #1

I want to design sounds with echo+reverb. Lately I’ve been using sounds with baked echo and reverb in them but that turned out to be inefficient (for example I could have 200 ms long original sound with 2000 ms long tail). I want to use original 200 ms long sound and add the echo and reverb in FMOD designer. But sample replay ends after 200 ms and the tail can’t be heard. Is there any solution for my problem?

(Brett Paterson) #2

It may be that the event is ending. You will need to make sure oneshot = no in your event, but then you’ll have to stop the event yourself.

(Vojta Nedved) #3

Thanks a lot! Other solution would be setting “velocity” to a parameter. Then sound replay finishes when I want to. Problem solved! ;]

(Brett Paterson) #4

yes that’s not a bad idea either, with mode set to one shot and stop event!