FMOD Designer FEV File Version and Header


Hey, I am in the process of modifying sounds in a game. I modified some sounds but they are very quiet in game compared to original sounds.

I will fix it myself later, but I noticed something different with FEV files.

I opened a FEV file that ships with the game using Notepad, and I saw its header is “FEV1”.

But when I opened my FEV file ( Built with FMOD Designer 4.36 which supports FSB Version 4 ) using Notepad, its header is not “FEV1”. It is “RIFF? FEV”.

I suspect that header difference for getting low volume sounds in game.

I like to know why there are header difference in FEV files. Are they different versions of FEV files?

  • Regards, Hishara


Older versions of FEV said FEV but later verrsions of FEV were moved into the RIFF format.


Thanks for the reply, I already managed to make my sound mod properly using FMOD Designer 4.32.09.

Because it is the latest version that supports FEV 1.
I had to do it because the game only supports FEV 1 and FSB 4.

When I used latest version, the sound doesn’t work because version mismatches.

Anyway thanks for the help.