FMOD on linux on CLion



I’ve used FMOD on windows using visual studio. Adding FMOD library to the project was quite easy but I can’t find how to add FMOD to the project on CLion (linux), I know that I have to use CMake but no idea how to.
Any help would be appreciated.



Unfortunately I am not familiar with CLion, perhaps someone else here can assist in that regard.

I’d recommend taking a look at our example Makefiles in our Linux SDK. The flags they use are likely the same what you’ll need for CLion.

The basics are usually:


Based on your response, it looks like CMake syntax, so you will probably need to use the following commands:

target_link_libraries(<target>, [fmod_library_name])

I found this information here.


Thank you so much Mathew it worked for me. just one note, I have to replace “fmod_library_name” in the “target_link_libraries” by the library_path+library name.


Hi Mathew:

Thank you for your reply,
I already figured out how to add include and lib directories, it can be done as follows:

# Add extra include directories

# Add extra lib directories

I know that I also have to include a few more lines like “findPackage” and “set” but I don’t know how to.
I appreciate any help from you or anyone else with more information.



I’ve added some additional information to my response based on your extra info.