fmod update crash on ios

(pig) #1

When the game call fmod update ,it will be crash sometimes. Is the bug fix ?

platform: ios
fmodex version: 4.44.41

The crach stack:
Exception Type: SIGSEGV
Exception Codes: SEGV_ACCERR at 0x107137fe8
Crashed Thread: 0

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 test_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD10EventSound6unloadEv
1 test_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD10EventSound4loadEjPb
2 test_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD6EventI9playSoundEPNS_10EventSoundEiPb
3 test_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD15EventImplSimple6updateEjj
4 test_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD6EventI6updateEv
5 test_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD12EventSystemI6updateEv
6 test_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD11EventSystem6updateEv

(Brett Paterson) #2

Are you calling fmod all from one thread? Or are there multiple threads calling fmod functions?

(pig) #3

I call the funciton all in main thread,but using the multiple thread to load the file。

(Brett Paterson) #4

what function do mean when you say ‘load the file’? EventSystem::load or EventGroup::loadEventData? loadEventData has FMOD_EVENT_NONBLOCKING which is what should be used, and not threads. This could cause corruption if you call loadEventData from different threads.

(pig) #5

I mean that I used FMOD_EVENT_NONBLOCKING flag , all fmod function call in main thread.

(pig) #6

Does anyone know ? help~

(Brett Paterson) #7

There is not much information to go on here, but lets try a new version of FMOD Ex, I note that you are using 4.44.41 , can you try 4.44.56?

I notice this one change which might be relevant

  • Event API - Fixed rare crash when streaming bank instance is unloaded while the
    same bank is loading in the FMOD_NONBLOCKING thread.

(pig) #8

Yes, But how about is the 4.44.61 ? It’s not easy to make it crash.
I will update it to 4.44.61.

(Brett Paterson) #9

If its not easy, then thats good. It probably tells me the fix above is the right one.

(pig) #10

@Brett Paterson, It doesn’t work well for updating to 4.44.61.
Yesterday,it crashes in same place.

Date/Time: 2016-07-16 07:14:52 +0000
OS Version: iPhone OS 7.1.2 (11D257)
Report Version: 104

Exception Type: SIGBUS
Exception Codes: BUS_ADRALN at 0x1014fffe8
Crashed Thread: 0

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 kittycraft_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD10EventSound6unloadEv
1 kittycraft_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD10EventSound4loadEjPb
2 kittycraft_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD6EventI9playSoundEPNS_10EventSoundEiPb
3 kittycraft_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD15EventImplSimple6updateEjj
4 kittycraft_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD6EventI6updateEv
5 kittycraft_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD12EventSystemI6updateEv
6 kittycraft_iOS_Netease __ZN4FMOD11EventSystem6updateEv