fsb fev mismatches


FMOD Error: Can’t Play event blahblah_002/creatures/crab/walk_sand: FSB mismatches the FEV it was compiled with, the stream/sample mode it was meant to be created with was different or the FEV was built for a different platform.

FMOD 4.44.07

i’m assuming these are the running compatible versions

I’ve rebuilt but i still get the same error.


FSB and FSB mismatch errors are not to do with version numbers. The FEV and FSB must be built together to avoid FSBs getting out of sync with their metadata file. The FEV stores a hash of the FSB file and checks it when loading, to make sure they match.


Thanks for that info!
Rebuild is working with out errors now, BUT now i’m hearing sounds from what sounds like are ONLY coming from the reverb send.


do you have the code for the application? its hard to just debug with that information. Maybe the event category setup has changed in the fdp