FSBankExCL and multichannel interleaved banks

(Adrian Burgess) #1


When telling FSBankExCL to make a single interleaved FSB from a LST file containing the names of four WAV files (using the “-build_mode i” option), should it do the interleaving itself (which is what I’d presumed) or do you have to provide it with a single “preinterleaved” WAV? If it’s the latter, what’s the function of the command line switch?

Also, is there any documentation on FSBankExCL/FSBankEx?


(Mathew Block) #2

Unfortunately the only docs I have to offer are those presented by fsbankcl -help, but if you have any specific questions I’m happy to assist where I can.

You cannot use interleaved mode with a LST or FSPROJ, for interleaved mode to work you must specify a directory for the source parameter. FSBank will interleave all files in that directory for you.