Global Parameters?

(JHedges) #1

I’m doing a racing game with the option to put the camera inside the car. For certain events such as engine sounds, road surfaces we are using a parameter for interior/exterior camera. Now I want to apply this parameter to virtually all other events. When I add a parameter with the same name to a new event, no effect is heard. Is there a way to make some parameters available to all events, or does my programmer have to go and create the same parameter for all the events that need it?

(templar) #2

At this point each parameter is tied exclusively to an event - so there are no ‘global’ parameters. You are correct to get the programmer involved.

I’m not sure what you are doing with the parameter (selecting sound defs or just applying filters), but I would suggest checking out: ... DOcclusion

This approach could be more memory efficient than declaring a parameter for every event.

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(JHedges) #3

Thanks for the reply. What I need to do is apply volume attenuation and low pass filtering for all real world events when the camera is inside the car. Would the technique described in the link be able to do that?

(templar) #4

This example works by adjusting the low level channels of the mixer (as opposed to the events themselves). You are able to set volume and low pass filter of the channels.

Your programmer will probably need to look at:

  • identifying the appropriate channels to adjust.
  • simplifying the code to apply a fixed volume/low pass adjustment (if the camera position does an instant shift between positions).

It might sound more difficult, but as stated before, this technique is more memory efficient.