Having 'FMOD Highpass' on an event seems to cause the first few instances of that event to be choppy sounding



I noticed that the presence of an ‘FMOD Highpass’ effect on an event causes the first few instances of that event to play in a choppy/abrupt manner (i.e. as though the sound is starting part way into the sample and has no natural attack). After 3 or 4 instances of the same event are triggered, all subsequent instances are fine. Perhaps the effect is getting loaded in real-time and it’s causing a drop-out in the audio processing? If I switch to ‘FMOD Highpass Simple’, the problem goes away.

I’m using ‘FMOD Highpass’ on a metal bounce sound (grenade bounce or metal object bounce), and I’m modulating the ‘Cutoff freq’ based on the velocity of the object. So as the bounces become softer (lower velocity) I shave off the low frequencies (up to about 500Hz). My ‘Seek speed’ is set to 0 (if that’s pertinent).

I’m fine with using ‘FMOD Highpass Simple’ for this, so this isn’t an urgent issue to me. But I thought it might be worth addressing at some point.




I set up a test case, using a one-shot event with a highhpass and short impact sound effect, but couldn’t repro the issue.

Can you send your event to support@fmod.org


Thanks, Nicholas. I’ve emailed an FDP.