How can increase Max Grain Invertal?

(Kamon) #1

How can increase Max Grain Invertal?

(Joseph Harvey) #2

The Spawn Intensity property, located in the Property sheet on the right side of the Events View when the event is selected, scales the frequency of both the min and max grain interval properties. With it, you can adjust the actual maximum spawn interval to values greater than three minutes.

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Not Working

(Joseph Harvey) #4

If you want to increase the max grain interval, you need to set the Spawn Intensity to a number less than one. Also, if the grain interval is very close to 1 ms, you won’t hear much change, since our update system means grains can only spawn once per frame. Also, with a polyphony of 1, you’ll only ever hear a single audio file playing at a time; Set it higher if you expect the spawned sounds to overlap.