How to set PulseAudio program name?

(uber_jorgen) #1

Is it possible to set the PulseAudio program name on Linux? By default, it shows up as “FMOD Ex App”, but settings are often stored per-application, so this means that the user can’t configure specific settings for our game.

(Mathew Block) #2

To set the name you can pass a string via extradriverdata into System::init when using the PulseAudio output mode.

(uber_jorgen) #3

This works great, thanks! I noticed that our version of fmod.h does not mention what extradriverdata can contain for FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_PULSEAUDIO, but it has a comment describing FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_ALSA. Would be nice if the documentation reflected this. :slight_smile:

(Mathew Block) #4

Quite right, I’ve added necessary doc for our next release. Thanks for pointing that out.