https streaming

(Igor) #1

Is it possible to stream sounds from a https… URL ?
Thanks in advance

(Brett Paterson) #2

Yes you can use https streaming. You just have to enter the address with https:// or https:\


(Igor) #3

Then I must be doing something else wrong. I am trying to stream a song from SoundCloud servers like this.


system is pointer to an initialized FMOD_System.

The Url was provided by SoundCloud as a waypoint for streaming.

When I call FMOD_System_CreateSound like this, FMOD crashes. Can you maybe tell what I am doing wrong ?

(Brett Paterson) #4

What do you mean by it crashes? Do you have a callstack? Are you sure you’re not manipulating an uninitialized pointer somewhere maybe?

When I test it here createSound returns FMOD_ERR_HTTP_ACCESS, and winamp also gives an authentication error.
Can you give some more information?