IOS some sounds disappear (not recording )

(Artyom) #1

Hi guys
We have some problems with FMOD
when we play in our game for a long time some sounds disappearing (not recording)
what can it was?

We use FMOD Ex Programmer’s API 4.44.58

(Brett Paterson) #2

It could be that you are leaking channels that are not stopping? Have you checked your voice count with getChannelsPlaying?

(Artyom) #3

Thanks for your answer
But we didn’t stop channels
We have its own channel for each sound and when we want to stop sound - then just use FMOD_Chennel_SetPaused(channel, false);
And to play it again reuse this channel and change paused flag to “true”

Thank you for advices

(Brett Paterson) #4

if you pause a sound, and want it to restart from the start, you only call setPaused(false)?
What about setPosition(0)?

It is a very odd method to use, you should just be using System::playSound and let the sounds stop naturally.
If they loop, then you call Channel::stop to stop the loop.