issue with getSpectrum for event

(Pegamode) #1

Hey there,

I’m currently struggeling with getting “getSpectrum” to work properly for an event.

I use


to get the channelGroup for the given event.

Then I use


to receive the spectrum.

I also use “FMOD_EVENT_USERDSP” when getting the event.

The problem is that everything seems to work fine for a while, but then the spectrum array just seems to be empty.

Any hint how to get the spectrum of a specific event properly?


(Pegamode) #2

I think I’ve solved my issue …

It seems it wasn’t a mistake in getting the spectrum, but a problem with the event pointer.

(Pegamode) #3

Now I’ve got another question …



is volume dependent.

Is is possible to use “getSpectrum” volume independent?

Regards, Sascha.