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I’ve seen in other replies that Fmod cannot play midi directly, only from a file. Do you think that this facility will be something you might develop in the future?



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Hi Brett,

Well what I mean is, is that as I understand it, it can’t be used for say something like a music sequencer. Again, as I understand it notes can’t be heard unless the file is written to disk and then played. I would like to be able to drag notes in my prog and hear them as I do so.


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Sorry, my Englisch isn’t that perfect, and my translationprogram gives total nonsense on the answer: :slight_smile:

Does this mean:
a) fmod will never do this in future ?
b) fmod will do this someday ?

btw: I would find this a very useable function, too. We could generate MIDIs from scratch just like e.g. FSOUND_Stream_Create with FMUSIC_PlayingCallback(musicformat) instead. Somebody who knows the MIDI-format could use this to compose on-the-fly or just to send some Midi-messages using a buffer and a callback-function. (I don’t know if this would be possible with the MOD-formats, they don’t seem to be a simple event-stream so as MIDI is.)

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Well, it doesn’t need to be supported in the engine anyway.

FMod already supports custom filesystems. So it can be implemented by anyone who needs it by supplying custom file routines in order to read midi from a buffer (should be big enough and circular). Then, precache some data and fill up the buffer fast enough to ensure that it’s never empty.