MP4 support

(Noam) #1


Is there a way to read MP4 using FMOD?
I am only interested in playing the audio of the MP4.

I tried to use CreateSound() and CreateStream(), but got FMOD_ERR_FORMAT error.
So obviously it cannot be done in such a straightforward manner (if at all).

I searched this Q&A forum but haven’t seen any relevant topics, especially not anything recent.

Please advise.


(Mathew Block) #2

MP4 AAC can only be decoded on the iOS platform for FMOD 4 (FMOD Ex / FMOD Designer).
With FMOD 5 (FMOD Studio) you can play MP4 AAC on iOS and Android.

Due to licensing issues we only support AAC decoding on those platforms.

If you need AAC decoding on other platforms you would need to implement this yourself via a custom FMOD codec plugin.

(Noam) #3

Hello Mathew,

Thank you for your reply.

Can you suggest a specific FMOD plugin for AAC decoding?
If you can also provide examples on how to use this plugin, it would be appreciated.

Thanks again,

(Mathew Block) #4

I don’t know of any existing FMOD AAC codec plugins available to use, you would have to develop one yourself. FAAD2 is an open source API for decoding AAC that you could implement as an FMOD plugin though.

(Noam) #5

Thanks, Mathew.
I will look into that.