multiple projects

(vesoljc) #1

we want to have localization packed/group as tightly as possible, as in:

what i’m wondering is, if there are any obvious performance issues on having large number of projects (exported data that is), as in above example, one per language and per mission.

i know that fmod supports groups, which can be loaded on&off by demand, but… 8)

(Brett Paterson) #2

If you load and unload .fev files there will be worse performance than using the loadEventData/freeEventData methods (and the latter can be done nonblocking - fev load/unload cannot).

(a1psx) #3

We also use a lot of projects.

So there is no performance loss with using many (100+) FDP compared to a one or two massive FDP?

(vesoljc) #4

i forgot to say that this will be mostly (if not all) dialogs (voiceovers) are going to be streamed