Prevent audio from stream on PS4( ShareButton) and XBoxOne( recording clip )

(Faure Dominique) #1


Our Game use some Audio that are Licensed only for In Game usage, and not for redistribution.

We need to prevent those audio to be recorded when Player use the Video recording features availbles on PS4( Share ) and XBoxOne(GameClip)

We know that the low level API of Both platform allow it,
but we didn’t find how to specify the correct setting in FMOD.


(Mathew Block) #2

We don’t support this with FMOD 4, however if you use FMOD 5 you can use System::attachChannelGroupToPort along with FMOD_PS4_PORT_TYPE_COPYRIGHT_MUSIC for PS4 and FMOD_DURANGO_PORT_TYPE_MUSIC for Xbox One.

If you check the “Platform Specific Starter Guide” section of the docs for PS4 and Xbox One it should give an example on how to do this.

(Faure Dominique) #3

Thanks for the quick Answer.

We are currently using FMOD4.44.61

Is there lot of modification’s between this version and V5?

(Mathew Block) #4

If you are using just the low level API migration is pretty trivial, migrating from Designer to Studio is more work because it involves migrating your content. For more info about the differences see this:

(Faure Dominique) #5

FMod 5 is still FModEX or FModStudio?

(Mathew Block) #6

It’s FMOD Studio, to clarify:

“FMOD Studio” is FMOD Studio tool + FMOD 5 low level engine
“FMOD Ex” is FMOD Designer tool + FMOD 4 low level engine.

In both cases you can just use the low level engine / API on it’s own if you prefer.

(Faure Dominique) #7

is it possible to use project from FMod designer with FMOD 5 low level without converting the project?
several month ago, we try to migrate the project and encounter several issues that force us to rollback to FModEx

(Joseph Harvey) #8

While the FMOD 4 low level engine and FMOD 5 low level engine are similar, they’re not identical, and some project migration is always necessary when moving a project from one to the other.

That said, it is possible to create an FMOD project that only uses the low level engine. Whether you’ll be able to do so with your existing project depends on your project’s requirements.

(Li Senlin) #9

Hi Mathew & Joseph,

I tried to attach a ChannelGroup to the special port, and play the music with EventInstance, but I was not able to hear it in the game. I know you use System::PlaySound to play music and pass the ChannerGroup to System in the simple code, is it possible to do it with EventInstance?

This is my codes below, Is there any problem in it?

		FMOD::ChannelGroup * music;
		/////FMOD::Studio::Bus *GetFMODCategory() 
		FMOD_RESULT result = m_DialogueCategory->GetFMODCategory()->getChannelGroup(&music);
		Tassert(result == FMOD_OK);

		FMOD::System * system = m_AudioEngine->GetFMODSystem();
		result = system->attachChannelGroupToPort(FMOD_DURANGO_PORT_TYPE_MUSIC, FMOD_PORT_INDEX_NONE, music);
		Tassert(result == FMOD_OK);

(Li Senlin) #10

I also tried use System::PlaySound, I still can’t hear any voice in the game, Do you have any ideas about it?

res = system->createChannelGroup("BGM", &bgm);
res = system->attachChannelGroupToPort(FMOD_DURANGO_PORT_TYPE_MUSIC, FMOD_PORT_INDEX_NONE, bgm);
// Create a paused channel
res = system->playSound(m_Sound, bgm, true, &m_Channel);

(Li Senlin) #11

I changed to res = system->playSound(m_Sound, bgm, false, &m_Channel); , I still can’t hear the voice. If I don’t use attachChannelGroupToPort function, I was be able to hear it.

(リチャード清水) #12

Hello Li,

It is possible to add an event instance to the music ports and should work fine.

Please note that you will need to use flushCommands() after creating any channel group in order to ensure it is created before assigning anything to it.

Are you able to play any sounds in your game when they aren’t related to the music port?

Also, can I ask that you create a new question in the future? It makes it easier to track with our support ticket system.


(Li Senlin) #13

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your help.
I can play all sounds in our game when they aren’t related to the music port. Today I tried to test this feature to your studio simple codes(simple_event), but i encounter a preblem, I created a new question, you can get more info about it.