PS Vita and FMOD Designer effects



I just wanted to confirm that the Vita is indeed very limited with regards to what FMOD Designer effects you can use? Specifically, the project that I’m porting to the Vita uses HP and LP filters, Echo, Flange, ParamEQ & Tremolo. All those effects are not available on the Vita (as per Designer), so I assume I’ll just have to make do without those?

The same project also uses the Surround pan effect, and that seems compatible with the Vita. Assuming this is the case, how does FMOD handle the “Front/back pan” on the Vita (e.g. does it fold everything down to stereo)? I’m also using the “Left/right pan” of the Surround pan, and I’d like to keep the automation that I have for that provided the “Front/back pan” doesn’t cause any problems. I.e. I’d rather not have to discard the “Surround pan” and re-implement the left/right panning automation via the “Pan” if I don’t have to.



PS Vita has the option of using hardware channels, and for FMOD Ex this is our recommendation to keep CPU costs down. In Designer this is selected by using the HE-VAG compression format. As the audio is being processed in hardware many of the DSP effects available to software channels cannot be used. In Designer any effect preceded by “FMOD” such as “FMOD Lowpass” or “FMOD Flange” is unavailable for these hardware channels, all the other effects can be used though.

If you absolutely need DSP effects, you could use a different compression format such as ADPCM to allow software channels (perhaps only for a subset of your sounds) but be aware that this decoding, any resampling and effects will cost CPU time.

Regarding front / back pan, for PS Vita this is ignored, only the left / right component is used. You should be able to use your existing automation without problems.


Great. Thanks again, Mathew! I didn’t realize that the “FMOD” prefix designated software-only effects.