Replacement of Fmod library


Hi all,
I’m doing a spectro analyzer in VB6 to listen to mp3 music files, flac etc …
I found an old code to draw the spectro graphic.
When I play the flac files there is no spectro that means that the call ‘FSOUND_DSP_GetSpectrum’ to the fmod library is not compatible.
I have seen that there is fmod_ex, I would like to know if it is compatible to read the flac files and which series the new call to replace it with the old one.

The basic call code for the spectro is as follows:

    Dim dits(1023) As Single
    Dim ddits(1023) As Integer
    Dim dsppectrum As Long
        dsppectrum = FSOUND_DSP_GetSpectrum               'get reference of pointer
        CopyMemory dits(0), ByVal dsppectrum, 1024 * 4     'convert long into integer  
                                                                                     'using pointers
        For i = 0 To 1023 Step 1
            ddits(i) = dits(i) * 1000000



If you use FMOD Studio, we dont support FMOD Ex any more, you can use to see what happened to FSOUND_DSP_GetSpectrum and how to use an FFT DSP instead.