The limited num of event project is change?

(jxf) #1

I update FMOD API from 0x42200 to 0x44446.
In the game, when calling FMODeventSystem->load, the result is FMOD_ERR_EVENT_INTERNAL.
From the log file, EventSystemI::generateProjectId — more than 127 projects loaded, that’s too many.

but in the 0x42200 version, when the num of event projects is more than 127, it still can be loaded, the result is still FMOD_OK.

Is the limited num of event projects different in the two version? how to deal with the problem?

(Brett Paterson) #2

Its not common to have that many projects. You should have less projects.

If you want to load more projects you will have to have a source license and change some settings in the FMOD header files to get more projects to load.