Waveforms don't refresh after external edit.


I had a multi-sound and I needed to trim the beginning, so I selected “Open in External Editor” and made the edit and saved. The edited sound played correctly, but none of the visual waveforms updated to show the new file. I had to quit FMOD and restart before the waveforms would update, and even then only the individual waveforms updated, not the combined waveform on the main timelines.

On a related note… Is there a way to get the sounds in a multi-sound to start into the wave at not from the beginning?


Hello Ron,

When an audio file is edited outside of FMOD Studio, it will enter a “#modified” state where the metadata stored within the project (containing information such as length, channel count, frequency, etc.) does not match the audio file on disk. You can see in the assets browser they will have the “#modified” tag attached. Right click on these files and select “Refresh” to update the project metadata.

We are currently working on an automated refresh feature.

Currently you are able to set a multi-instrument to play synchronously so it plays from where the playback position is currently. You can also use the “Offset” property to start from a certain position within the multi-instrument, but this is for the multi-instrument as a whole. We do have a feature in our backlog for allowing setting offset for each playlist entry in a future release. In the meantime, it would be advisable to trim the audio files directly so they start where is needed.

I hope this has been helpful.



I found the #modified and clicked on it. The waveforms (the one that shows all the multi-sounds combined) in the timeline still doesn’t update. It’s still showing the pre-edit waveforms.

Also, can you direct me to the “offset” property? For the life of me, I can’t find it.


Hi Ron,

You will need to right click on the asset in the assets browser and select “Refresh” for the waveforms to change to the new ones.

The offset property is in the “Trigger Behavior” section in the deck. Select the instrument and its properties will appear in the deck. The trigger behavior can then be expanded by clicking on the disclosure triangle on the left hand side.



Thanks. I found the offset, but it behaves oddly. The visual cursor still moves the entire length and I can’t tell there is any change until around 80% then nothing plays. It’s not a big deal with I found a way around it using markers and just jumping into the correct start offset.

What I’d really want is the ability to grab the right side of the multi-sound in the timeline and move it cutting off the front. You can do this with single sounds, just not multi-sounds.

I did select refresh in the assets list and the wave images in the main timeline don’t refresh. The wave images that show each multi-sound in the deck refresh, but not the ones in the main timeline.

None of this is critical…


Hi Ron,

If your instrument is not set to “Async” then you won’t be able to visualize where the instrument’s offset is starting from. If you set the instrument to “Async” then you will be able to see the instrument’s playback position.

Please keep in mind, if you are using destination markers with multi-instruments then each time the playback position moves it will retrigger the multi-instrument and therefore play a new playlist entry.

The ability to trim from the beginning of multi-instruments is another planned feature for a future release.

Hmm, the waveform not updating after refreshing the asset does not sound correct. I have tested in 1.10.04 which updates the waveforms in the timeline when refreshed. Which version of FMOD Studio are you using?



Hi Ron,

Just following up to see if you still require help with the waveform refreshing when altered?



It’s a very minor issue since I rarely invoke editing the wave files from within FMOD. Thanks for checking in.