What program, if any, can I use to control the FMOD sounds used in the game DooM?

(Andy Guy) #1


I have been wondering if I could use the sounds FMOD creates in the game DooM, from the 1990s, with my keyboard, a Casio CTK-661. I want to know what possible programs could be used so I can buy the correct ones and not buy the wrong items. Is there a program that lets me do this? I specifically want to know about controlling the FMODs MIDI capabilities, like in Mixcraft how one of the instruments is the Microsoft GS Wavetable which uses sounds from the Roland SC-55.


(Mathew Block) #2

FMOD doesn’t support taking MIDI messages directly from a musical keyboard. We only support rendering MIDI files with a provided (or default) DLS file.

As for extracting sounds from games, if the format is FSB you can load them up in FMOD and save out the decoded PCM data fairly simply (provided the FSB isn’t encrypted).