7.1 downmix to stereo - any way to avoid surrounds?


I’ve created a 7.1 mix using mono and stereo content. The problem is the content from the surrounds is too loud in the Stereo downmix. I’m using the windows 10 downmix in this case. The content I am routing to the surrounds is stereo source ( music ) and I’m pulling it partially into the surrounds. Is there a way through phase inversion or other fmod trickery to avoid the surround getting folded into L/R?

To control the individual channel levels, you could add a Channelmix effect to the Master Bus and adjust it with a snapshot to limit the volume coming from the surround channels.

Use System::getDriverInfo to find out the current Speakermode to determine if the snapshot is required or not and adjust the intensity accordingly.


Thanks Cameron, this will help for sure!