Blueprintable metatag for UFMODAudioComponent


Could we have the Blueprintable metatag added for UFMODAudioComponent?

This way we can make component blueprints that inherits UFMODAudioComponent.
Very nice for adding scripted logic to a sound.

I’ve done this for our project, but it would be nice if this could be part of the standard fmod package next time we upgrade :slight_smile:


Turns out, that this is not the best of ideas as the UFMODAudioComponent turns off Tick on completing a sound…

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I would like to add a vote for this. I too have made this change in the last two games we have shipped.

Our games are very component driven so it’s nice to be able to implement functionality like setting and updating parameters in one place rather than having to do it on every actor that wants to play the sound.

Turning off Tick is a good thing as most of the time I only want the logic to run when the sound is playing.

I did submit a pull request with this change via github about a month ago ( I’m hoping it will get integrated in an upcoming release.

Adding the Blueprintable tag to the FMODAudioComponent does seem like it could be useful.

As for the Tick behavior, we decided to turn ticking off after the component has finished for performance. As having a lot of components sitting around ticking after they are finished can add up.