Callback at NESTED_TIMELINE_BEAT is skipping first beat after set parameter to 1

I have a problem with detecting the first beat after starting a parameter.

In my Fmodsession i have a main event, which is always playing. This event owns several parameters. Each of them are playing a different event. All events are quantized, because of the main event.
In my code I have added an EVENT_CALLBACK with the type NESTED_TIMELINE_BEAT to my main event to detect the cadence of the nested events.

In my Game I can set a parameter to 1 and have to react on the first beat of this nested event. Beacause of quantisation, this can last a few seconds. But when I am setting the parameter, the first beat is triggered immediately without hearing any sound and i get the next callback at the second beat, when its already playing. So i cant detect the right first beat, when the event is starting the sound.


I’m a bit confused about the problem.

Is it the nested or parent event that is quantized?

What do you mean you have to react on the first beat? Is something in the game changing when the first beat is triggered?

Could I get a screengrab of both the parent event and the nested events? You can DM those to me.

And what version of FMOD Studio and integration are you currently running?

Hey Connor,

I`m using the Version 2.02.07 of Fmod Studio.

The nested events should be quantized, and I react on every beat of the nested events. It`s all fine except the first beat.
I have build in a temporary solution by adding a marker event on the closest spot in timeline next to the start. So i can detect, when the event starts.

I have send you the screenshots.

Thank you for the screenshots!

In this situation, while the playback position is moving almost instantly to the nested event, the sampledata for that event still has to be loaded into memory, causing the slight delay you are experiencing. I think your solution may be the best for your situation.