Cannot drag and drop audio files from

Sometimes when trying to drag and drop audio files from an account, the drag and drop feature doesn’t work. The cursor does not change appearance and cannot add audio files into an FMOD Studio project.

In certain situations, there can be other applications using the same network port number required by (12345) such as GOG Galaxy.

On Windows you can check what applications are using what network ports with the following steps:

  1. Press Windows + R and run the program “resmon.exe”
  2. Click the Network tab at the top of Resource Monitor
  3. Expand the “Listener Ports” section
  4. Sort by the Port column

On Mac you can check what ports are being used with the following steps:

  1. Press Command + Spacebar and type “Network Utility”
  2. Open the Network Utility application
  3. Click the Port Scan tab at the top
  4. Type “localhost” into the address to scan for open ports and click Scan

Close any applications that are using port 12345 and reopen FMOD Studio. You can now drag & drop from into your project.