Can't drag and drop from windows - making REAPER integration impossible

I’m using FMOD 2.01.11 and I can’t drag and drop audio files or REAPER files from file explorer to the project. To import audio, I have to use the “Import Assets” option which would be fine except now I need to integrate REAPER but I can’t because drag and dropping doesn’t work. The cursor never changes; it stays in the “no” state when trying (circle with a diagonal line symbol). It wasn’t doing this earlier however, so I already have one REAPER project integrated that works fine, but I can’t add more. I don’t remember doing anything that changed this. Restarting FMOD or restarting my computer does nothing to help.

I also have FMOD 2.00.10 and there drag and drop works perfectly, so it seems to be a bug in 2.01.11. Unfortunately for my school I’m strictly required to use 2.01.11 so I’m stuck. Is there any alternative way to import a REAPER project without drag and dropping? Using the “Import Asset” option on a REAPER project does nothing.

I’ve tested on the release version of FMOD Studio 2.01.10, 2.01.11, and 2.01.12 and all of these versions allow drag & dropping. Could you confirm your operating system and open the console (Windows > Console > Logging) and see if anything gets printed when you try to drag & drop?