Create/control oscillators within fmod?

is there a way to create (and control, hopefully) simple waveforms like sine, square, or triangle in fmod?

i am good at composition and foley but not great at programming.

Yes and no. It depends on exactly what you want to do.

FMOD Studio can control any kind of audio in a wide variety of ways, including by dynamically adjusting its properties on a sine, square, triangle, or saw wave through our LFO modulator.

There is no “oscillator” instrument that you could use to create audio without using a sound file in FMOD Studio, but you could easily create a sine wave, square wave or triangle wave audio file in another application and then use it in FMOD Studio.

Do those possibilities fulfill your project’s requirements?

kind of. i haven’t had much luck making perfect loops of simple oscillators for fmod though. using logic, i make their loop and export it (from wave valley to wave valley) with ‘bounce 2nd cycle pass’ selected and, in logic, it sounds perfect.

when i bring that ‘perfect’ loop into fmod, there’s a very distinct click at the beginning of a given loop. this has been the case with complex and simple sound loops.

Does your audio file start with a zero crossing? If not, it will likely click when it begins, so adjust the phase of your waveform accordingly.

adjust my simple sounds to crossfade over zero crossings did the trick for consistent tones. thank you!

Side note;

These, and a noise generator, would be very useful additions to Studio’s feature set. FMOD Designer used to have these.

These suggestions are already present in our feature/improvement tracker, though they have not yet been scheduled for development at this time.

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Hello…i am not fully sure but based on my knowledge i will say that you can’t do that with a multi instrument. Try to create an Event with a Skip and Back parameter and skip return to songs with transition regions with conditions based on these parameters: