Does FMOD cull quiet sounds on wav asset level as well?

I have a few sound effects in the game that consist only of high frequencies, so they are audible even when really quiet, and would be unpleasant at higher volumes.

Earlier on I just used the FMOD event / module gain to make them quiet, but this made them end up getting culled out altogether (parametric culling). So the next solution for me was to make the wavs themselves very quiet (-42 dB or quieter - still quite audible). Seems that these get culled as well.

So, does FMOD actually cull sounds based on wav amplitude as well? Would I have to add an inaudible infrasound ( < 15 Hz sine) to the wav to keep it from culling?

Hi ,
The amplitude/content of the sound itself has no bearing on the virtual voice system. It is purely parametric.
The only thing I could suggest at the moment would be to lower the prioriity for those types of events, it is in the event macro tab, the sounds in that event would get culled before the other sounds in other events of the same volume (audibility).

Thank you for the verification. The event itself is audible, the high frequency sound is just one track/layer in the event; and it gets silent while other parts of the sound are audible - until I tweak the volume of the Single Sound module playing that high frequency sound.