Fastest way to audition sounds in Audio Bin > Assets?

I used to use the space bar but I saw this was not by design: Spacebar to audition in Audio Bin not working

The little Play play button is a hard target to reach. I’d ideally like one key to play, then one key to advance to the next. Right now on macOS I do “Show in Finder” and just go through them with Quick Look, I find that’s faster.

Is there another shortcut in FMOD Studio that’s better than moving the mouse to click Play?

The right arrow key auditions the currently selected asset.

It looks like this information isn’t in our documentation. I’ll add a task to correct this omission to our bug tracker.

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Thanks @joseph ! Just the quality info I was looking for. Coupled with Autoplay this is behaving speedily as expected.

Also on a somewhat related topic, is it possible to SCALE UP/ENLARGE the font in Audio Bin and other parts of the UI? My issue is that notes look tiny and are hard to read with this contrast.
Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 8.30.30 AM

@joseph I’m running into an issue where it isn’t autoplaying responsively, here’s what’s happening to me on FMOD Studio 2.02.07 Mac:

  • Open Asset Bin
  • Expand a folder with sound assets inside (it’s happened whether I have a folder with a few dozen or 500+)
  • Enable “Autoplay”
  • Start pressing Down arrow to audition one after another in quick succession.

OBSERVED: Soon, it freezes and doesn’t respond when I use the Down arrow or click on an asset. It will sometimes skip assets and and fail to play. Wonder if it’s happening when a long asset is playing and I try to jump the line to another.

EXPECTED: Browsing should be breezy. :slight_smile:

Are you able to repro this?

There’s no way to resize just the text, but there’s an option in the interface tab of the preferences window called “Force device pixel scale factor to X (requires restart).” If you check this checkbox (and set X to a value greater than 1), then quit and re-launch FMOD Studio, you should find all UI elements are substantially larger and easier to read.

I should warn you, though, that this features was designed for use on extremely high-resolution monitors. If you use a lower-resolution monitor, certain parts of certain windows off the edge of your screen.

Is the “Compress” button at the bottom of the asset preview highlighted? And do the waveform graphics for the assets finish appearing in the asset preview before scrolling to the next asset?

I’ll try out that “Force device…”, thanks for the tip.

No, Compress isn’t highlighted. And yes, the waveform appears.

I notice other parts of the UI become unresponsive too, like it blocks me from clicking in the Event Editor.

I can send you a video if you need, but it’s basically unresponsive and I can’t click the next asset to audition it while a current one is playing. At that time, Up/Down arrow to scroll through Asset Bin is also erratic, and skips entries.

Let me know what more info you need!

A video might help, as I’ve not been able to reproduce this issue here.

I can’t be sure without more information, but it sounds like the UI might be busy loading content, and so doesn’t respond to input until it manages to finish, at which point all the inputs it has recieved are processed at once - resulting entries being skipped if you pressed the down key twice because it didn’t work the first time, for example.

Here’s a clear video which shows precisely what is happening:

Thanks for that. By imitating what you were doing in that video, I was able to reproduce the behavior here. I’ve added this issue to out bug tracker to be fixed in a future release.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a workaround for the issue, other than waiting for a short while after clicking on each new asset.

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I’m glad it’s not just me. Thanks for confirming @joseph ! That’s what I’ll do in the meantime, in addition to using external audio browsers to rapidly audition.