Fmod 2.0 not installing on macbook pro mid 2014, os 10.12.4

Hey there,
I’ve been having serious trouble installing the 2.00.08 version of FMOD on my Macbook Pro retina Mid 2014, which is running the 10.12.14 OS (which meets the requirements for the installation of the 2.00 version which are 10.7+); I wanted to upgrade from the previous version (I had the 1.10.00) to the 2.00.08 but I keep getting a dialog that displays “%&” can’t be found.

It happens with every 2.00 version, from 2.00.08 to 2.00.00 (I’ve tried to install every single one of them from the FMOD website)

Has anyone experienced something like this??

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At which stage does this error message appear? Is it when copying the “FMOD Studio” folder to the Applications folder or when launching?

It happens when it’s launching, every single time.

I can copy the the folder without any problems but I can’t open the app once I’ve copied it

Could you try the following:

  • Restart your Mac and try opening again
  • Right click on the FMOD file and select “Open”
  • Right click on the FMOD file and select “Get Info”. Ensure the info shows it’s kind is an application
  • Look in the activity monitor to ensure no other instances of FMOD Studio are running