FMODAudioComponents on Pawns

As far as I can see, when making a car for racing, there’s no way to keep sounds updated and following the Pawn without adding audio components to it. My programmers have completely put the brakes on adding anymore than just 4 FMODAudioComponents to the pawn.

Right now, I have 4:


Now with Surface, I actually nested like 6 events into one another and made a data table system that switches based off of surface type etc. So while not ideal, I have it all coming from one place. Ideally, I’d love to have a surfaceAudio component on each tire of the car, so you can hear when each tire begins losing traction etc.

Well, I am I missing something? Or is this just a limitation of our engine?

Thank you to anyone who can offer some advice or pointers, I’ve been stuck here for a while now.



Through code, you have access to all the FMOD APIs:

You can create an FMOD::Studio::EventInstance and update its 3D attributes and any other properties you wish manually, without creating an entire FMODAudioComponent.

Even in blueprints you can create an FFMODEventInstance and update its position using the SetTransform node.