How do you link Event parameters to specific in-game events in Unity?

Hi, I’ve made an interactive musical structure for a short score I’ve wrote for a VR horror minigame. It has several parameters that dictate when it should do a transition to a new section. I recorded this video so you can understand better how I’m building everything:


As you can see, I’ve basically created a parameter for each in-game event that leads to a new music loop. Aditionaly there’s a parameter that changes the music based in how close is an enemy to the player. How should we connect each parameter to their specific in-game event? All I got inside the Studio Event Emitter in Unity is this ! and I don’t see any way to assign each Event parameter independently. I suppose we need to code something, but I’m not the programmer. As for the programmer, he never worked with FMOD before, so we need some guidance. We’re a rookie team and we’re still learning how to use some tools.
Thanks in advance.

Instead of having separate parameters for your Events, you could have just one, with a range (eg. 0 - 4), that can move to another depending on the value.

Then without any scripting yourself, in Unity you can add a FMOD Studio Parameter Trigger script which can be linked to a FMOD Studio Event Emitter in the scene and can change parameters that way.

Otherwise through script you can create a FMOD.Studio.ParameterInstance to store a reference to a specific parameter (as a float) that your programmer can then adjust as needed.

Check out the documentation, there is a fair bit of info and some examples too.