I don't understand how to change a parameter in an emitter

Hi, i’m not used with either fmod studio or unity, and i have trouble understanding how to change a parameter in a simple short sound that is supposed to play onCollision.

So i got a studioEventEmitter script in the gameObject where i want to play a sound from, it does play the correct sound on collision with another rigid body, but i can’t seems to change the only parameter the sound has in fmod studio (it’s supposed to change with the collision imulse).

I use the method called SetParameter(name,value) in the script from the emitter, doesn’t seem to change anything, additionally the Params attribute is empty, do i have to initialize it myself ?

Hi plakar,

It would be better to create a new script to handle this situation. It would take less time to set up than to try and figure out how to add in the parameter to the EventEmitter component (this component can also be overwritten if you upgrade or uninstall the FMOD Unity integration for whatever reason).

Take a look at the Unity example script and documentation for some pointers on creating this script:


Thanks, that’ll help a lot :slight_smile: