We are having trouble with lag when a new event is called from Unity. Even when ‘Load All Sample Data at Initialisation’ is checked (also Event Data), we are still getting lag on new events - even after waiting at the start of the scene for a time.

After triggering the first instance of an event, subsequent sounds come through fine. We have tried making sure that the bank is loaded at the title screen, along with the data, but we are still getting lag once in game. Our developer doesn’t think that ‘Load All Sample Data at Initialisation’ is working as it should.

The bank in question is currently around 8mb.

Unity: 5.3.4p4
Studio: 1.07.04
Integration: 1.07.04

Pretty sure the Bank.loadSampleData that the Unity integration uses is a non-blocking asynchronous load which means you have to poll the state of the loading (Bank.getSampleLoadingState) and manually block your scene from loading until the sample data has completed loading to get the benefits of no delays when events are played.

I would consider this a bug since the loading behavior has been abstracted to a check box in the FMOD Unity settings, so the expectation for the developer would be that the scene wouldn’t load until the data has completely loaded.

Thanks for this!

Load All Sample Data option is not correctly blocking. This will be fixed in a subsequent release.

Right - well at least we know what’s happening! Thank you for your help guys.