MediaPlayer with binaural audio and headtracking, audio-only


I hope this is the right place for such a question:

I am producing binaural audio with SpatRevolution. Now I want the listener to be able to listen to the stuff with headtracking (fixed position in the room, just yaw-pitch-roll). All audio-only, no graphics/video (except some GUI stuff like play - stop, etc.)
At the end I want maybe a standalone app / player, a smartphone / tablet app, and something that can run on a website.
As I want to use SpatRevolution for mixing, I thought I could use Ambisonics-B-Format as destination format, put this in FMOD and do the rendering with headtracking at runtime.

As I am completely new to FMOD (and all the other stuff): Does anyone know if this is possible with FMOD? Should I use FMOD Studio or would FMOD Core be the better solution?

Has anyone done something similar and can give me a brief instruction or, if available, some hints where I can get more information on this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

While FMOD Studio does not directly support Ambisonics, the third party Resonance Soundfield plug-in does support that format. Documentation on using that plugin effect in FMOD Studio is included in the Resonance Audio documentation, here.