“Mute"doesn't work

I think it’s a big bug that has a bad impact to daily work.
When I “mute” the event,it works fine this time,but when I close the project and open it again,even though the mute button is still on(in red),the sound in the event is audible ,“mute” doesn’t work.
I’m using Fmod Studio 1.10.12.My teammates are all frustrated with this seemingly small but serious bug.

I’m afraid I haven’t been able to reproduce the behavior you describe.

When I test with FMOD Studio version 1.10.12, closing and reopening the project causes the mute button to turn gray, and the content of the track to be audible. Toggling the button on and off subsequently results in the track’s mute/unmute state changing normally. This is in line with expected behavior: Track mute/unmute state, like most properties that have no effect on in-game behavior outside of live update, is not saved or preserved from one session to the next.

Do you mean that events muted in your game during a live update session are not muted after closing and reloading your game? If so, this is expected. As I said, the mute/unmute state of an audio track is not normally supposed to affect in-game behavior outside of a live update session. Closing and reopening your game or your FMOD Studio session automatically ends any ongoing live update session.