Need a better way of handling transitions/destinations...


So… I’ve got this event (shown in the picture) where I want to have 72 different voice samples that can be triggered from any point on the timeline by one parameter and cancelled/cutoff by sending the cursor to a waiting area with another parameter.

My 72 sounds fit into 7 categories… I had previously set this event up so there were 7 Multi Sound containers and the logic was working nicely but the Multi Sounds wouldn’t let me cancel/cutoff so that option isn’t going to work for me. <— IF THERE IS A WAY TO CUTOFF A MULTI SOUND PLEASE TELL ME… THIS WAY WAS MUCH NEATER!!!

I just got started on making the giant event shown in the picture… I’ve put down the first 15 sounds… the logic is working fine… but… there doesn’t seem to be a way to scroll up or down on the logic track so once I when I fill the screen with transition regions that’s it… I can’t have the 72 layers that I need.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can tackle this?



First: Yes, you can make a multi sound module cut off when its trigger region ceases to be overlapped by the cursor. There’s a couple of different ways.

The easiest option is to make the multi sound module looping by clicking on the loop button above its playlist; This causes the multi sound module to automatically select a new entry in the playlist whenever one of its entries ends, and also causes the module to automatically cut off when its trigger region no longer overlapped by the cursor.

The second way is to put an AHDSR modulator on the multi sound module’s volume, and set the attack and release periods of that modulator to 0; This allows you to cut off the multi sound module without having to set it to loop, but uses slightly more resources.

Incidentally, we do plan to make the cutoff behaviour of a module more readily editable, but I can’t give you a precise ETA at this time.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to scroll the logic tracks. There really should be one, though - I’ve added “make the logic tracks scrollable” to our feature tracker; It will be considered and prioritized at our next quarterly roadmap meeting.


Awesome! Thanks Joseph!

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