Nugget Package for FMOD low level binaries

Being that I can’t find any current package for the binaries specifically, I wanted to create and maintain one, so I and others could reference it from Visual Studio projects. Does your TOS allow me to do this?

Generally we only allow our downloads to be downloaded from our site. We don’t have the ability to update or support external sources

Hey, I am just jumping on the topic to clarify a little bit.

I’ve been trying to use a wrapper library Sunkin351 made.
The first steps were quite the hassle and in theory unnecessary. (Fmod.dll steps) and I had to ask Sunkin what library to download and where to put it.

I think if a disclaimer were to be added to the Nuget package / Github Repository regarding which version of Fmod the end user is dealing with and that Fmod is not responsible for any bugs, broken features etc, no extra support nor updating should be required as this is fully up to Sunkin to manage the repo and Update the dll with new releases.

This would also allow Fmod to get a wider audience (not just the game development world) , and maybe in the future official support could be discussed, however that last part is just speculation and depends on how popular it gets.

I hope that clarifies it a bit.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: