Sandbox implementation

So, just downloaded FMOD studio today. Watched some of the tutorials I could find on the net, and very intrigued about some of the possibilities.

Unfortunately I could not find out how to export an fsb file (or if thats even possible with this version of things) to plug into a flowgraph in sandbox. Maybe that’s sort of expected to be understood, but when I hit “Build” with an editor track open, I ended up with nothing but a few .bank files. I am simply not sure how to make…what it is that Sandbox wants.

If I use another program to translate a .wav file into an fsb, then I’m just getting a 1=1 translation of said file, and missing out on the actual usefulness of FMOD. Clearly, I am not good at computers.

I’ve got some bad news for you MightyT, we deprecated support for FMOD Sandbox from 4.37 onward, so there is no way to load Studio content (or even recent FMOD Designer content) into FMOD Sandbox. On the positive side we do plan on developing a successor to it that will work with FMOD Studio in the future, but no firm dates have been set at this point,

My mistake. I was using FMOD Studio and watching a tutorial for FMOD Designer. Understandably, the paths quickly split and rendered me lost. Working in Designer now, hopefully luck will be on my side this time.

For reference, you will need to use FMOD Designer version 4.36.05 or earlier in order to be compatible with Sandbox. Good luck!