Stopping instances of constant looped events beyond max distance (UE)

In our game, we have a lot (like, a hundred) of computers for decoration sprinkled around on a pretty big level. I have placed an FMOD looping sound event in the viewport part of the BP in UE with some random beeps happening and constant buzzing.

I set the max instances to e.g., 5 and stealing to Furthest or Quietest, but don’t get the result I want - some random 5 instances get triggered on start of level and that’s it.

I would like to have just the ones closest to the player be active and the others stopped (for instance, when the player leaves the FMOD’s event max distance), I’m not comfortable setting the instances to unlimited and having 100+ instances of a single event active all the time. Is this possible to do?

The right stealing mode setting for your case is “virtualize”. It’s the only setting that allows the instance to come back to life after having been made silent.