[Suggestion] default event creation

Hi! I’ve been using Fmod before 2.0 and I’ve seen the additions of action sheets and the “New Event” option, from where you can choose whether it’s an action or a timeline. But this new button is basically the same as the dropdown from where you choose 2d or 3d, with extra steps.

So I came up with an idea to improve this new option “New Event”. Would it be a possibility to add on preferences an option to set a default type of event for the “New Event” button? So it can be always an action sheet or a timeline depending on your preference, and if you want something else, you just go through the dropdown menu.

I hope it doesn’t sound picky, it’s just that with Reaper everything that takes more than a shortcut or 2 clicks annoys me haha, and I never use action sheets. Thanks a lot, love the improvements you are doing to the program!

Were you aware that you can create your own custom “default” events, rather than being constrained to the “3D Timeline,” “2D Timeline,” “2D Action,” and “3D Action” default events options that are available by default in FMOD Studio? Would that fulfill your requirements?

I was not aware of that! But no, that wouldn’t fulfill it. Because what I’d love is to be able to configure to my taste the “New event” button. I mean, if you have a workflow already set and you usually do the same type of events, wouldn’t it be practical to have a quick access button to it instead of having to go through a dropdown?

I know it sounds picky, but I do think this would be a great accommodation for lots of people workflow.

In that case, were you aware that you can assign keyboard shortcuts when writing scripts for FMOD Studio? You could create a script that creates an event with specific content, and assign it the Ctrl+N keyboard shortcut usually used for creating new events. (You would also have to change the keyboard shortcut associated with “New Browser Item” in the “shortcuts” tab of FMOD Studio’s preferences dialog.)

For examples of keyboard shortcuts using scripts, see the “Engine Designer” and “Randomize Multitrack Colors” example scripts that come with FMOD Studio.