Ue4 editor crashes when recompiling code, VTable ptr

This wasn’t a problem before, but when I started using programmer instruments with our localization team the editor keeps crashing every time I recompile the code.
It doesn’t matter what code, the same crash report shows up.

Any idea why this happens?

What version of FMOD and Unreal are you using?

Its Ue4 4.27.2 and FMOD 2.02.06 so everything is latest.

For what I can tell, anything that I reference that has to do with FMOD will cause this crash when recompiling the code.

Adding a FmodAudioComponent makes this crash, referencing a bank asset for load or unloading banks causes this crash, just having an event referenced as a function input causes this crash.

I ended up removing every reference to Fmod in c++ and is now doing everything in blueprints instead.